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7 Culprits Behind Middle and Upper Back Pain

Back pain affects more and more people worldwide, which is a source of major concern for us upper cervical chiropractors in Rockford, IL. Chronic back pain can lead to disability. Many reasons can be behind back pain, but how can you get relief? Here are some of the possible causes behind the pain in your [...]

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Facts About Fibromyalgia

We are Rockford fibromyalgia chiropractic doctors aiming to educate people about this often misunderstood condition. Despite feeling pain in your muscles, fibromyalgia is not a musculoskeletal condition. The medical community often classifies it as a neurological condition as it does not have any inflammation in the joints that would cause pain. Some people think it’s [...]

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Advice for Employers: How to Help Employees with Migraines

If you are an employer and have had an employee who suffered from migraines, you should know by now that migraines are a great factor in their reduced productivity and their absences. As an IL migraine chiropractor based in Rockford, the first piece of advice we would want to give bosses is to understand their [...]

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